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If you’re suffering with pain, swelling or stiffness, you may find acupuncture useful to help manage your condition. Here at Cheshire Physio and Pilates we use Acupuncture in addition to exercise and manual therapy techniques to aid your recovery. In addition we can also use it as a stand-alone treatment if we feel that is the best treatment for your problem.
During acupuncture a needle is inserted into the muscle to assist with decreasing pain and improving function through the release of myofascial trigger points (knots in muscle).
Dry needling is a treatment technique whereby a sterile, single-use, fine filament needle (acupuncture needle).

To book your consultation, please get in touch via our contact us page, or call for further details. You’ll be able to speak to a chartered physiotherapist directly who can advise you on the best course of action.